Digital DNA is our Culture and Core Competence

Customer experiences and expectations are constantly evolving with the presence of mobile and social media technologies. We combine a host of latest technologies and tools to deliver integrated digital experience aligned with customer value delivery. We focus on State Health and Human services data programs, Federal Health programs, Medicare, Medicaid.
With OjasCare, health organizations can integrate the physical and digital aspects of business into a united whole that provides contextual and relevant digital experiences aligned with customer value.
OjasCare is a health IT company – one of a few kinds on a mission to transform the healthcare system. We assist public & private sector agencies with strategy, acquisition, application development, data analysis and business process.

We are a dynamic team of digital health experts

We are a Health IT company whose goal is to provide healthcare systems with solutions that will improve their processes, operations, and solutions. We support federal, state, and commercial healthcare agencies to provide flexible, interoperable, and dynamic solutions that will transform our country’s healthcare systems.

The digital health revolution is driven by data and technologies that provide organizations with improved capacities to use those data. Our goal is to provide healthcare systems with those technologies so they can achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency. Our aim is to provide these healthcare agencies with the expertise and support they need to manage various complex health information programs and overcome the challenges they confront at a strategic, tactical, and operational level.

Our services include health information exchanges, analytics tools, healthcare analytics, data management and integration, adaptable IT solutions, business process outsourcing, IT infrastructure development, among others.


We Want to Be The Difference.


We empower digital health transformation with data and technologies such as cloud big data, analytics, automation, internet of things, and mobile.



We embrace the digital culture as our core competence to deliver customer value and improve health outcomes.



With deep experience in the digital health, we understand the spectrum of health IT challenges and the obstacles faced by our healthcare customers at every level.



Our digital expertise and augmented technologies increase business capabilities, efficiency, and the bottom line.


Our Goal is Your Growth and Success

OjasCare’s smart and innovative health technologies cater to the expectations of the future world. We use a versatile collaborative approach to deal with digital health transformation for a seamless, insightful experience that still produces high-quality outcomes.
OjasCare’s wide variety of offerings, including cloud big data solutions, data engineering, IoT, and augmented technology aligns digital health delivery with customer value.

We Believe In Quality

We Believe in Security

We Believe in Compliance

We Believe in Results