Swift and Scalable Data Solutions

Organizations with limited online customer engagement and digital capabilities are currently at a serious disadvantage and entirely underprepared to face the pandemic challenges. With demand vanishing and uncertainty on the horizon about normalcy, businesses have to take drastic measures to embrace the digital ecosystems. Even those companies which partially evolved into the digital world need to scale up to the current customer demands. Companies that were fortunate to have developed completely integrated digital solutions prior to the pandemic are in a position to stay ahead of the competition. We empower your digital transformation with data, technologies, strategy, acquisitions, and analytics to support your evolution.
Our goal is to help organizations create a data-driven strategy and digital expertise to reshape customer experiences through innovative and sophisticated technologies. We enable businesses to gain digital competencies and an integrated framework that is flexible to adopt data driven solutions and deliver omni-channel customer experience.

Big Data Driven Insights

Gain quick insights into most crucial data that directly impacts business and its growth with analytics dashboard. Accelerate business with competitive intelligence and real time analysis.
In light of today’s fast paced environment, we empower digital health transformation with data and technologies such as cloud big data, analytics, automation, internet of things, and mobile.

Market Analytics

Aggregate campaign data from wide array of data sources to generate competitive business intelligence


360 View of Customers

Build a real-time holistic view of your customer across business divisions, products, services, omni channels to drive single comprehensive view of each customer


Customer Churn Analysis

Grow sustainable online SaaS business by reducing customer churn from data driven insights


CRM & Sales Automation Analytics

Leverage big data, automation tools to understand Customer preferences for up selling and cross selling opportunities


Fraud Detection & Prevention

Enable smart approach to fraud detection by leveraging big data to dissect massive data in combination of inhouse and outside data


Reputation Monitoring

With proliferation of social channels, online reputation management is more complex than ever before and can directly impact the business growth


Customer Service Analytics

Use real-time customer analytics to deliver next generation customer experience and build strong customer loyalty


Health Analytics Dashboard

Measuring health outcomes, quality of care, and patient improvement data are critical for health organizations’ success and have a direct impact on revenues


Revenue Cycle Management

Simplify revenue cycle management with digital patient billing, collection, care, and scheduling tracking. Reduce claim denials and improve profitability


Customer Risk Analytics

Increase customer profitability and minimize defaults with continuous assessment of customers from multitude of financial data in near real-time.


Security & Threat Assessment

Deploy enterprise wide massive data driven cyber security and threat assessment to avoid malicious intrusion and costly data theft with peace of mind.


Lead Generation Dashboard

Optimize your business growth with sophisticated digital lead generation dashboards