Bridge the Silo Gaps

Providers, Insurers, and Employers are shifting their business into contracts with incentives for health outcomes, quality, and cost management. To address these objectives, companies are increasingly investing in digital transformations that connect and enable analysis of every piece of data across channels, operation, and patient outreach.
From providing personalized care options to gathering insights to addressing new care formats such as telemedicine and outpatient care, digital technologies are a crucial tool for providers, insurance, and medical service industries. By knocking down organizational silos, operators are able to profit from the advantages of a more interoperable model.
Welcome to the world of intelligent and interoperable data exchanges.

Health Information Exchanges (HIE) that promote data exchange

Data Exchange is at the heart of a functioning healthcare. We provide healthcare agencies with Health Information Exchanges that promote and enhance data sharing and exchange between providers, plans, and other stakeholders.
Data exchange is necessary to achieve interoperability – which is crucial to the goals of the Federal Government. We build health information exchanges (HIE) in support of Federal interoperability objectives. We help Medicaid agencies effectively use HIE data to monitor high-cost conditions and assess the effectiveness of program interventions. Our platform allows data exchange between providers, payers, health organizations, third party interests without exposing privacy key points.

Health Information Exchanges and Clinical Value

The goal of health information exchanges is to provide measurable and scalable clinical value. The effectiveness of any health information exchange lies in the practical, clinical value it offers to the providers and the payers. In addition to the Federal government, state Medicaid agencies also recognize the importance of accurate and effective health information exchanges.
We incorporate the best HIE standards (that ensure the availability of complete and accurate medical information) that promote data exchange and interoperability, leading to increased clinical value. Our HIE solution provides clinical value by helping Medicaid agencies measure and analyze the impact of intervention programs and identify opportunities for improvement.

Health Information Exchanges and Data Standards

One of the ways we ensure conformity to HIE standards is by incorporating various data standards that help prevent errors. First, we seek to gain a good understanding of the data and transaction standards. Second, we apply the knowledge of data and transaction standards to identify any errors. Consequently, we conduct expert analysis of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions, workforce analytics, and case management to correct errors in high-volume data reconciliation and remediation programs.

Through this process, we ensure that we provide a trustworthy and efficient HIE that will foster data exchange among healthcare agencies, providers, plans, and healthcare systems.