The rise of on-demand healthcare

When you think of ‘on-demand,’ you think of consumers who want things at their own convenience, on their own time, and wherever they happen to be. The healthcare industry is entering the era of digital innovation, as patients seek on-demand healthcare because of their busy schedules. Mobile is especially important when considering anytime anywhere access.
People have simply become far more mobile in the past decade. The increasing trend is that patients want healthcare on their own schedule.

Home Healthcare Management

As a full service partner, OjasCare bridges the gaps in collaborative care for medicare patients in their own home. With 24×7 access to care from clinical staff, medication and treatment planning with reminders, comprehensive care plan and health evaluation, and facilitated day-to-day living.
OjasCare Home Healthcare Management provides full spectrum services including health evaluation oversight, professional support services, short-term nursing services, collaborative care with health aide services, community and health resources.
OjasCare offers HIPAA compliant user friendly web, mobile, and analytic solutions on high security cloud to enable active oversight of patients and proactive non face-to-face care between clinical visits.

Chronic Care Management

OjasCare Chronic Care Management Solution is an easy to use collaborative care platform focused on patients with chronic health conditions. OjasCare enables care providers in non face-to-face patient interactions between clinical visits with significant medicare payments. Engage patients to collaborate with care teams. With full service OjasCare CCM solution, you can

Improve health outcomes

Increase revenues

Enhance Patient Engagement

Save Costs - avoid unnecessary trips to emergency rooms

Chronic care management (CCM) is Collaborative care services done outside of the regular office visit for patients with multiple (2 or more) chronic conditions. In 2015, Medicare began paying for CCM services for eligible practitioners to bill for at least 20 minutes of non face-to-face clinical staff time directed by a physician or other qualified care professionals per calendar month.


Transition Care Management

OjasCare helps you to seamlessly manage transitions among healthcare providers, clinicians, and patients thereby reduce errors and costly readmissions.
OjasCare bridges gaps in collaborative care for medicare patients between transitions among care teams, referral clinicians, follow-up after emergency room visit or facility discharge. OjasCare offers an easy to use collaborative care platform focused on patients with chronic health conditions. OjasCare enables care providers to manage beneficiaries transition to care settings and bridge gaps during such transitions.
With full service OjasCare TCM solution, you can

Improve health outcomes, reduce errors and readmissions

Increase non face-to-face service revenues

Enhance patient engagements


Behavior & Mental Health

OjasCare offers a full service behavioral health integration solution. With millions of Americans experiencing mental or behavioral health conditions, health outcomes improves dramatically when behavioral healthcare is integrated with primary care services.
OjasCare Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) is a behavioral health integration model that enhances primary care by combining care management support and regular psychiatric inter-speciality services including Health evaluation and assessment, Comprehensive care planning, and Proactive and systematic follow ups.
OjasCare Behavioral health integration solution provides

Initial assessment - start with an initial visit followed by administration of validated ratings scales

Systematic oversight - assessment and monitoring using applicable validated rating scales

Continuity of care - designated care team staff for continuous relationship

Comprehensive care planning - a personalized care plan that is periodically updated by care team

Care collaboration - facilitation and coordination of behavioral and mental health treatment


Health Records Management

OjasCare health records management solution offers unified view of patient data collated from disparate providers assimilated into a single timeline. All care providers can now have a single view of patient data avoiding duplicate tests and saving costs.
OjasCare enables patients to collaborate with care teams and fully control all health records in one convenient platform.

Electronic Visit Verification

To comply with 21st Century Cures Act, OjasCare offers Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution to electronically document the personal care services offered to home healthcare participants. Our web and mobile solution enables

Realtime Verification of Visits,

Automated Missed Visit Notification

Elimination of Costs and Risks of Paper Timesheets

Better Control and Documentation of Service Delivery

Elimination of Payroll and Billing Data Entry

Elimination of Payroll and BAudit Readiness and Lesser Danger of Having to Repay Billing, andilling Data Entry

Favorable Billing and Payroll Outcomes