Proud to serve the best

OjasCare offers remote monitoring and checkups through mobiles for Veterans. Digital disruption has brought new and greater opportunities for the Healthcare industry to provide a more reliable and personalized service for veteran affairs. We strive hard to innovate and improve the current systems to deliver the best on demand health solutions for our esteemed veterans.

Caring for Veterans

OjasCare delivers IT solutions that empower healthcare organizations. Our innovative and dynamic solutions have had significant effects on the healthcare industry via the agencies.
One of our unique mission is to help veterans, who have served and are currently serving to access better (faster and more personalized) healthcare. To this end, we have a special unit that develops healthcare technology targeted to the needs of veterans, who we believe deserve the best.

Peer Support Groups

OjasCare provides a mobile peer-to-peer social support app that enables support groups secured within your Health System to drive medication and treatment adherence, patient health literacy, peer motivation, and social support.
Patients can connect with other patients who are already cured or undergoing treatment to nurture encouragement and positive social support. Veterans can surround themselves with peers who encourage new and positive lifestyle changes that improves success outcomes. Patients experiencing similar medical conditions can learn from other patients who have either fully recovered or on the recovery path, the benefits of promptly adhering to the prescribed medications and treatment plans

Remote Care Management

OjasCare offers collaborative care management platform for Veterans that improves quality of life and enables them to spend more time doing things they love. The human centric collaborative care platform focuses on improving lives of people with chronic health conditions and enables non face-to-face interactions between clinical visits with care teams.
Overall the solution provides personalized central care plan created for each patient and readily shareable with all providers. Moreover, the solution enables active oversight on medications, scheduling medical appointments, access to community programs, and health resources.